There are so many SFOs. Being the Chief Executive is a highly coveted position, hard to get and ever more competitive and challenging to keep.

Driving the challenge even more is technological change in the 21st Century’s Fourth Industrial Revolution, including the actualization of AI, the Internet of Things and 3D printers. Together, these factors are bringing an unprecedented acceleration of change to every facet of family business and life.

So, of course you’ll want to keep growing in what you and your executive team bring to the table in your goal of satisfying your family clients.

Our team at Peak Year LLC, along with Family Office Association Founder Angelo Robles, guides and mentors SFO Chief Executives and their Executive Teams. We individually and collectively mentor Six Transformational Skills that cognitive neuroscientists, psychologists, economists and business thought leaders have embraced for their contributions to success and happiness. We believe these skills may help you meet the goals, vision and mission of your family client.

Six Transformational Skills:

  • Executive Functions

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Mindfulness

  • Grit

  • Design Thinking

  • Flow

The World Economic Forum’s top ten skills for 2020 include Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Cognitive Flexibility (which are all deeply tied to executive functions) as well as Emotional Intelligence. Grit furthermore appears as a highly desired character trait in their New Visions for Education report.

At Peak Year LLC, we draw on the powerful new thinking, research, writing and talks of outside experts in developmental cognitive neuroscience, psychology, economics and business so that your SFO/MFO can have the greatest possible success in contributing to family happiness, satisfaction, communication, governance, wealth preservation, maintaining family affinity and in each generation conquering the shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves prophecy.

We hope you will contact us so we can listen and learn about your SFO/MFO and the family/families you support, and for our Peak Family Team to collaborate with you on how we can individualize a program of Peak Time experiences to fit your needs.

Come, let’s learn together.