We support different family generations live happier, more meaningful and collaborative lives.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our message to your rising generation and to all generations of your family. Though we may not yet be a familiar name to you outside the realm of bespoke private learning for children and young adults, we hope to bring you enormous benefit.

Our team at Peak Year LLC, along with Family Office Association Founder Angelo Robles, is offering a quantum leap in thinking about intergenerational communication and collaboration, preserving your family’s affinity, and all five streams of your wealth. Working in concert, we guide and mentor families in acquiring what we think of as “the underlying neurocognitive wiring for wisdom and more.” We work with families to help them acquire some or all of Six Transformational Skills cognitive neuroscientists, psychologists, economists, and business thought leaders have embraced as significant contributors to success and happiness. We believe these skills can help each generation in your family conquer the shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves prophecy.

Six Transformational Skills:

  • Executive Functions

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Mindfulness

  • Resilience

  • Design Thinking

  • Flow

The World Economic Forum’s top ten skills for 2020 include Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Cognitive Flexibility (which are all deeply tied to executive functions) and Emotional Intelligence. Grit additionally appears as a highly desired character trait in their New Visions for Education report.

The greatness, affinity and long-term sustainability of any family are subject to many well-known historical forces. But the challenge is even greater now given the speed of technological change in the 21st Century’s so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Artificial intelligence, the Internet of things and 3D printers are only a few of the factors that have catalyzed an unprecedented acceleration of change to every facet of business and life even as we write.

Your family’s success and happiness will require more than knowledge of the best ideas and practices of the past. Engaging the present and shaping the future will require the abilities these Six Transformational Skills can confer. They include cognitive control over impulsivity; the ability to find new solutions and see opportunities in new ways; personal equanimity; understanding one’s own emotions and the emotions of others; and the strength of mind, heart and will to see one’s passion through to meaningful purpose.

Individuals who possess these capacities can offer skills for collaboration, success and happiness. Family units that engage them organically will be better equipped to recognize and honor the contributions and visions of all members, creating greater satisfaction among all members of a family of affinity.

In writing to you, we recognize that we stand on the shoulders of giants. Dr. Rudin's dear friend, personal mentor, and colleague, the renowned James Hughes, and a generation of his colleagues have written for and personally advised families of great wealth with enormous wisdom, clarity, creativity and experience. Their invaluable insight and guidance for family governance and wealth preservation—and the message that rising generations have a choice —all worked in the service of delaying the shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves (rice paddy to rice paddy) in three generations prophecy for as long as possible. In that quest, advisors and guides incorporated the wisdom from many fields including psychology, philosophy, law, and literature. In The Voice of the Rising Generation, for example, Mr. Hughes employs lessons from psychology (the seven life steps adapted from Erik Erikson’s list of life stages) and literature (utilizing Homer’s Odyssey in likening the interdependence of Telemachus and his father Odysseus on their respective iconic journeys to the interdependence of rising and current generations of families in the world that they advise).

In our work at Peak Year, we draw on the powerful new thinking, research, writing and talks from outside experts in developmental cognitive neuroscience, psychology, economics and business in our quest to help your family have the greatest possible success in family happiness, satisfaction, communication, governance and wealth preservation, maintaining family affinity and in each generation conquering the shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves prophecy.

All great families are unique. We hope you will contact us so we can listen and learn about your family members, culture, vision, mission and support structure, and for our Peak Time family team to collaborate with you on how we can individualize a program of Peak Time experiences to fit your family needs, wherever and whenever we can be of benefit to you.

We most respectfully invite you to come and learn together.

  • Stephen Rudin, MD, Founder

  • Angelo Robles, Executive In Charge, Family and Family Office Relationships

  • Allison Meek, Head of Young Women’s Leadership

  • Cindy Puccio, PhD, Head of Mentor Education, Head of Young Women’s Leadership

  • Sofia Sunaga, Intergenerational Communication & Collaboration

  • Adele Diamond, PhD, Head Advisor of Executive Function Learning

  • Rick Reil, Head of Executive Functions Acquisition Through Music