Many remarkable individuals are a part of Peak Year's mentoring and leadership efforts.

Stephen Rudin, MD, Principal Mentor & Founder

Stephen has devoted himself and his career to helping children, young adults, families, and individuals of all ages unlock their potential through the experiential acquisition of transformative neurocognitive skills including Executive Function, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Resilience, Flow and Design Thinking. After graduating from Case Western Reserve School of Medicine where he received his medical degree and after initial residency and research training, Dr Rudin decided not to follow the path toward practicing medicine and chose to serve children and families instead. He is the Founder, Principal Mentor, and President of three renown academic and experiential mentoring organizations, Individual U. LLC (est. 2003), EFCNY LLC (est. 2017), Peak Year LLC (est. 2017).

A student of iconic Wise Counsel James E “Jay” Hughes, Dr. Rudin serves as a Chief Learning Officer for families and family offices, both individually and through RS Intergenerational Consultancy, which he founded with multicultural intergenerational thought leader Sofia Sunaga. He is a nationally prominent thought leader, speaker, consultant and mentor in the area of intergenerational change, conversation, collaboration and transfer of wealth and responsibilities. His focus is on preemptive family learning through consciousness, community and culture as well as family crisis management. Stephen is currently engaged in the completion of two highly anticipated writing projects College Train Wreck: Tools and Tips for Getting Back on Track (to a Happier and More Successful Life), and The Prosthetic Hipster©. Stephen was also the head writer of best-selling, award-winning software and books including A.D.A.M.: The Inside Story, The Nine Month Miracle, and The Human Body: Fandex Family Field Guide. Stephen’s diverse interests and practices include white water kayaking, Tai Chi, Ving Chun Kung Fu, Japanese culture and martial arts, outdoor adventuring, and Argentine tango, all of which have found their way into Peak Time programs. Stephen lives on NYC’s Upper West Side in a hobbit-sized co-op with an enchanted garden.

Matthew Kelly, PhD, MPH, Co-Principal Mentor & Cofounder

Matthew earned his Ph.D. from Columbia University in a unique, non-clinical, interdisciplinary program within the Departments of Sociomedical Science and History. He additionally earned his Master’s Degree in Public Health (M.P.H.) from Columbia University where, as a Wyman Scholar, he studied the History and Ethics of Public Health and Medicine. Prior to that, he studied Biomedical Ethics and Biology at Brown University, graduating Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude. Matthew has served as a member of the Steering Committee for the Joint Atlantic Seminar in the History of Medicine and currently sits on the Advisory Board of Say Ah Inc., a Manhattan based health literacy organization. His dissertation, which explores the history of AIDS activism in New York City, has been nominated for Columbia University’s Bancroft Award in addition to the Marisa de Castro Benton Award.

In addition to his academic research, Matthew enjoys writing works for the stage, and several of his plays have been developed or produced in the NYC area and elsewhere. He has been nominated as finalist for several playwriting awards, including the Woodward/Newman Drama Award and the Todd McNerney Playwriting Award.