What type of services does Peak Time provide?

Peak Time works with two different populations.

We offer high-level, one-on-one mentoring for individuals ages 18 and over who are preparing for or taking a break before college, in addition to those who are struggling in college or who opt to take a break in their collegiate studies. We also work with individuals who have graduated from college but who would benefit from identifying areas of passion and turning them to meaningful purpose while developing core skills believed by many to be requisite for success in the 21st Century.

We offer one-on-one and group services for families, single family offices, multi-family offices, and their advisors. These services seek to help families and their representatives develop six transformational skills for success in a rapidly changing world, which in concert can help enhance internal communication, decrease strain, foster creativity and delay or conquer the Shirtsleeves-to-Shirtsleeves in Three Generations prophecy.

Is Peak Year LLC a school? Do you offer credit or degrees?

We are not a school. We are an individualized, one-on-one and small group mentoring organization that works to help people acquire underlying skills for success in school, work, relationships and life in general.

Does Peak Year LLC offer clinical or medical services?

We do not offer clinical, medical or therapeutic services of any kind. While several members of our Leadership Advisory, Young Women’s Leadership Team, and Mentor Team have training in medicine, psychology or related therapeutic fields, they do not provide clinical or therapeutic services as part of their work at Peak Year. Our Founder Dr. Stephen Rudin graduated from Case Western Reserve School of Medicine where he received his MD Degree. He is not in the practice of medicine at Peak Year or anywhere else.

Do you accept medical insurance?

We do not. Neither Peak Year nor its mentors/advisors offer clinical or therapeutic services in their work with students and families in our programs.

Where do you work with students?

We work with students in person at our Manhattan based headquarters, long-distance via telecommunication technologies and, by arrangement, in person wherever in the world they may be.

When are mentoring programs offered?

Peak Time Experiences are offered throughout the year, with individualized programs available during the day, in the evenings, and on weekends.