Many students arrive at college lacking the core skills necessary for success and happiness.

According to a recent survey, 39% of students will feel hopeless during the school year, 25% will feel so depressed they find it hard to function, and 84% will feel overwhelmed by their workload. Correspondingly, top schools have increasingly recognized the need to provide innovative support for students in the hopes of enhancing their collegiate experience and improving their ability to thrive after graduation.

Peak Year consults with schools to help their faculty and students acquire some or all of six transformational skills:

  • Executive Function

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Mindfulness / Loving kindness

  • Grit

  • Design Thinking

  • Flow

These skills provide the Neurocognitive Wiring for Wisdom and More©, helping foster the ability to think creatively, see opportunities in new ways, find personal clarity and equanimity, resist impulsivity, and understand one’s own emotions and the emotions of others. Executive Functions, Mindfulness, Loving kindness, Emotional Intelligence, and Grit have been also been thought of as the neurocognitive underpinning of Character (Telos), contributing to strength of mind, heart and will respectively.

Cognitive neuroscientists, psychologists, economics and business thought leaders have embraced many of these skills for their contributions to success and happiness. The World Economic Forum’s top ten skills for 2020 include Emotional Intelligence in addition to Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Cognitive Flexibility (which are all deeply tied to Executive Functions). Grit also appears as a highly desired character trait in their New Vision for Education Report.


We offer a wide range of consulting options for schools including:

  • 1-day orientation to the six skills for faculty, including four hours of talks/discussions and four hours of activities,* either on location or at our main learning center in NYC.

  • 2-day orientation to the six skills for faculty, including eight hours of talks/discussions and eight hours of activities,* either on location or at our main learning center in NYC.

  • Intensive faculty mentoring in one or more of the six skills for individuals or small groups.

  • Creation of teaching manuals and activity guides.

We work with students in large groups, small groups, and one-on-one both in person and through video-conferencing technology.

*Activities include: Tai Chi Sword, Executive Function Tango™, Emotional Intelligence Tango™, Sculpture, Drumming, Mindfulness, Origami, Design Thinking, and EF Writing.


  • Stephen Rudin, MD

  • Matthew Kelly, PhD, MPH

  • Cindy Puccio, PhD, MA, LCSW

  • Adele Diamond, PhD

  • Robin Stern, PhD

  • Tioma Maloratsky

  • Dana Haddad

  • Mariana FresnoWilliam Dennett

  • Eunnye Yang

  • Lucie Young

  • Rick Reil

  • Dustin Long

  • Sae Okihara

  • Sensei Gerald Orange