Some of the most prized and sought after skills for success and happiness in school, work and relationships are seldom taught in school or university.

Peak Time Experiences can be life transforming. In our challenging and changing times, they offer the opportunity to acquire the most critical skills for personal calm and happiness, and the capabilities for being a passionate, planful and effective human being.

The Structure of a Peak Time Experience

Goals and focus

Every student’s Peak Time Experience is unique, and within the categories of students we serve, each tend to have different areas of attention.

“What Peak Time Experiences have in common is the focus on turning passion into meaningful purpose through the acquisition of some or all neurocognitive skills and capacities that are at the core of our expertise.” - Stephen Rudin, Peak Year Principal Mentor and Founder

Time and Schedule

The schedules and duration of Peak Time Experiences tend to cluster based on students needs. They are available for all students:

  • Throughout the year

  • Full or part time

  • Ranging in duration from a few days to a year and beyond

Meetings and locations

Peak Time Experiences are usually experienced in a combination of ways.

  • In-person on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and Chelsea by special arrangement

  • Using the city of New York city as a campus

  • In many other locations across the U.S. and internationally by special arrangement

  • Around the world using distance mentoring technologies

designing a Peak time experience

Below are the basic building blocks we use to design each individual Peak Time Experience. The steps described may not all apply to every single student; however, we describe them all here to illustrate the overall process we use to support all students we serve, from high school age to college graduates.